CCA Virtual Classroom - Advanced English Module B: The Poetry of T.S. Eliot

CCA Virtual Classroom - Advanced English Module B: The Poetry of T.S. Eliot

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Calling Advanced English students from Bourke to Mosman! 

Do you feel like you’re drowning in Advanced English? That despite how hard you work your results are mediocre? Are you sitting in a classroom full of disengaged students, wishing that you could spend more time learning and less time listening to the teacher managing behaviour?  Or, do you just want the edge to achieve that illusive (but achievable) Band 6 in Advanced English? 

Introducing the CCA Virtual Classroom! 


All 2024 HSC English Advanced Students, currently studying the poetry of T.S. Eliot who are ready to revolutionise their relationship with and results in English! 


The CCA Virtual Classroomis a 10-week Module B Advanced, high-energy learn-a-palooza with yours truly that’s part expert teaching, partexam preparation and part tough love. The goal? To transform your child from feeling frustrated, underprepared and ill-equipped to confidently reaching their personal best in English.  

Your Cookie will walk away not only with the ‘knowledge’ to: 

  • Nail the tricky Module B rubric terms AND make sure they have a handle on common English metalanguage (that’s a fancy word for hoity-toity English terms they need) 
  • Intimately understand the poetry of T.S. Eliot
  • Complement their classroom resources with incredible Band 6-brimming summary notes and quotable quotes to strengthen responses 

But, most importantly, they’ll understand how to ‘execute’ not just for the current assessment task, but for Trial and HSC Examinations by: 

  • Becoming expert question attackers: through teaching them the 3 different kinds of questions they can expect in HSC, we’ll help them forge a ‘smarter not harder’ way to attack questions in Module B 
  • Understanding the required rigour for top results: through looking at Band 6 exemplar responses to make sure their responses are on point (structurally, technically and conceptually) 
  • Delivering quality responses in timed conditions: through regularly completing timed writes to replicate examination conditions, solidifying their writing skills and essay structure to maximise results 
  • Enhanced time management and study habits: our systems will help them revolutionise their time management, study habits and attitude towards English

To boot, they’ll be a part of a close AF likeminded community of learning legends that REALLY want to SMASH HSC Advanced English and gain the edge to achieve their personal best…maybe even that illusive (but achievable) Band 6 in Advanced English! 

Ultimately, your child will be learning the smarter not harder way to attack HSC Module B from a Minister’s Award winner for Excellence in Teaching (awarded for record breaking HSC results), a teacher trainer/mentor and Expert School Speaker. She’s also renowned for pulling personal bests out of her students, but don’t take our word for it – check out what her students say here: 

There are only 25 places and we know that once word spreads it’ll be a sell-out! And as we are planning to continue these sessions until the HSC, once places are gone, they’re gone.  First option for Terms 2 & 3 will be given to current CCA Virtual Classroom members. After this term we will move onto: 

Term 3: Trials HSC Bootcamp and HSC Examination Preparation 

We can’t wait to get you excited about English again and achieving the results you deserve!  


  • While every session will have specific question time, the drafting of individual assessment tasks is not included. If you require this service we suggest you attend face-face tutoring. 
  • Also…this course won’t bag you a date for your formal (but hey, this is a GROUP session, so never say never!) 

    2024 Term 2 sessions will run weekly from Tuesday, 11 June until Tuesday, 2 July 2024. 

    Note: CCA reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any groups that do not meet the minimum number of enrolments.

    Inc GST.

    Term 2 2024
    Only 21 seats available