2024 Term 2 - Year 11 Advanced Maths

2024 Term 2 - Year 11 Advanced Maths

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This weekly group focuses on boot-camping your child towards acing Advanced Preliminary Maths! We’ll make sure your Cookie has ALL of the building blocks to be HSC content ready! The thing people rave about the most though? It’s the individual attention we give each child OUTSIDE of sessions! That’s right! When your Cookie is struggling, all they have to do is reach out to their teacher and they’ll receive the help they need STAT! 

2024 Term 2 sessions will run weekly from Monday, 29 April until Friday, 5 July 2024.

Note: Monday, 10 June is a public holiday so there will be no sessions at CCA.  Also, Tom will be out on Wednesday, 29 May and Wednesday, 3 July and make-up sessions will be organised and communicated to students accordingly.

Note: CCA reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any groups that do not meet the minimum number of enrolments.

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Term 2 2024
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