2024 JAN MASTERCLASS - High School Homies English

2024 JAN MASTERCLASS - High School Homies English

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Worried about your Cookie’s transition from Primary to High School English? We don't blame you! High School English teachers will expect that your child walks through the door with a strong knowledge of paragraph structure, technical devices and written expression.

Do they struggle writing good sentences? Healthy paragraphs?

Are they unsure where the comma goes? Perhaps they get their similes confused with their metaphors?

Do not fear…English ‘High School Homies’ is here!

This course will help Year 7 (2024) students transform their writing from something average into something amazing! AND ensure they know exactly what they need to know to slay High School English!

Once we teach you the rules of High School English your confidence and your results will soar!

Note: CCA reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any groups that do not meet the minimum number of enrolments. 

This course is eligible for the Creative Kids Voucher. To redeem your voucher please contact us prior to booking.

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High School Homies English
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