2024 HSC MASTERCLASS - Gettin&

2024 HSC MASTERCLASS - Gettin' Triggy With It

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This course is for Standard Maths students.

Tackle those triangles with gusto!

Do you struggle with trigonometry? Do you look at triangles and want to cry? Does SohCahToa sound like a completely different language?

Then our "Gettin' Triggy With It" course is a perfect fit! We will delve into all aspects of Trigonometry from the basic (SohCahToa) to the more advanced (Sine and Cosine Rules). Then we'll help you find your bearings (literally!) as we look at the sometimes tricky nature of working with compass and true bearings.

This session is scheduled for Monday, 30 September 2024 from 1:00pm-3:00pm at CCA HQ.

Note: CCA reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any groups that do not meet the minimum number.  

This course is eligible for the Creative Kids Voucher. To redeem your voucher please contact us prior to booking.

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2024 HSC Masterclass
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