2024 HSC MASTERCLASS - Bump up Biology

2024 HSC MASTERCLASS - Bump up Biology

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 Calling all HSC Biologists!

Are the hormones of reproduction making you weep, is your polypeptide production out of control? Do you even homeostasis?

Join us as we make sense of the processes of life!

We will cover all the punishing content from Module 5 and 8 and working scientifically!

  • Reproduction
  • Cell Replication
  • DNA and Polypeptide Synthesis
  • Genetic Variation
  • Homeostasis

Of course we'll also 

  • Address those tricky HSC verbs!
  • Master graphing

Don't leave one of the trickiest subjects to chance! Book Now!

This session is scheduled for Thursday, 3 October from 9:00am-11:00am at CCA HQ.

Note: CCA reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any groups that do not meet the minimum number.  

This course is eligible for the Creative Kids Voucher. To redeem your voucher please contact us prior to booking. 

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2024 HSC Masterclass
Only 12 seats available