2022 JAN - High School Homies Maths

2022 JAN - High School Homies Maths

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Feeling nervous about starting High School Maths?

We don't blame you! High School is daunting enough without worrying about Maths! Let us zap you with our Maths mojo! 

LAUNCH into High School Maths feeling confident!

High School Homies is a 2-hour course taught by a legit high school maths teacher providing students the skills they need as they prepare to enter High School.

This course will:
-Build general confidence in Maths. And confidence is KEY!
-Cover the basics of working with fractions and decimals, with them, you're in the poo!
-Ensure you're confident with the basic operations!

This course is PERFECT for students who've been unable to attend our weekly High School Readiness sessions, and a great addition for those who need a boost!

Note: CCA reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any groups that do not meet the minimum number

January 2022 Masterclass
Only 18 seats available