2022 TERM 3 - High School Readiness Maths

2022 TERM 3 - High School Readiness Maths

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High School Readiness at CCA is one of our most popular programs and it is easy to see why! Our expert trained high school teachers know EXACTLY what is expected of students when they enter high school and they bootcamp our Cookies towards those milestones during Year 6 to ensure they are ready! If you KNOW your child is struggling with Maths in Primary School, do not let them fall further and further behind! Let us help! Alternatively, if your child LOVES Maths and could do with some extension, we can definitely ensure their natural ability in Maths is nurtured. 

2022 Term 3 sessions will run weekly between Monday 18 July and Friday 23 September 2022. 

Note: CCA reserves the right to cancel/reschedule any groups that do not meet the minimum number.  

Term 3 2022